Hi friends,

We're excited to announce... PokeRaids! What's a PokeRaid??? PokeRaids are a new daily challenge, very similar to PokeHunt, however it involves battling a daily boss. If you can defeat it, you'll earn some epic rewards.

Here's the breakdown:

  • There are 3 Raid boss categories. You can challenge each category once per day.
  • Daily Raid - Everybody can challenge. The raid boss will be level 150
  • Premium Raid - Requires a Premium Raid Pass. The raid boss will be level 200
  • Legendary Raid - Requires a Legendary Raid Pass and 2 players. The raid boss will be level 250
  • You can type /raids to view the list of raids and click one to challenge it. Raids change every day!
  • Some moves are banned such as SheerCold- subject to change
  • Raid rewards will be changed several times over the next few days to find a proper balance
  • This weeks Wednesday Giveaway contains 7 Premium Raid Passes and 2 Legendary Raid Passes
  • Please be aware- this is in BETA as it undergoes mass testing, some features are subject to change

What's a Raid Pass?
Raid passes are required for the higher level of raids which drop better rewards. We added in a required pass to balance the economy. You'll be able to grab Raid passes from the Vote Shop, as well as in our weekly Wednesday Giveaway. While you can purchase Raid Passes from other players in-game, please do note that you can still only challenge each category once per day.

How does the Legendary Raid work with requiring 2 players?
When you wish to challenge the Legendary Raid, an announcement will post in chat. Other players will have 1 minute to challenge the Legendary Raid to join your party and you two will battle alongside. If another player fails to join within a minute, your raid will be cancelled and you can try again later

Pixelmon Harmony is now 2 years old, August 16th is our 2 year anniversary. Thank you for the wild ride and we look forward to another 2 years!

Comment below your suggestions for each Raid Category reward (Daily, Premium, Legendary) to win 1 of 10 random shinies

sotam05 It would be better if the one-raid-per-day restriction resets when the raids reset, rather than having to wait 24 hours....
Thee_FDK I think most people have said it already but a raid crate may be little cool. I also think a cool way of handing out pre...
[Owner] Dysthymic a All reported raid bugs have been patched and are effective on the restart in 45 minutes. Please let us know if you find ...

Bonus Week

[Owner] Dysthymic a posted Aug 10, 18

Hey friends,

Until next Friday we have all of the following bonuses activated:

  • 2X Breeding Speed
  • 2X Egg Hatching Speed
  • 2X Boss Spawn Rate
  • 2X Legendary Spawn Rate
  • 2X Spawn Rates
  • 2X NPC Spawns
  • 2X Shiny Spawn Rate
  • Breeder, Battle, Shiny Pack are back for this weekend
  • Limited Key Packs have been added this weekend only

We can't wait to unveil our new features to you next week! Stay tuned.

Comment below your suggestions to make the forums used more often for a chance to win 1 of 10 random shinies.

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SardoFlaviano nothing to suggest inherent has what you said and already too cool like that :3
Oofball Random shinies are fun. Keep up the good work!
Brosophocles Add an auction house page to sell items in bulk, such as double chests at a time. For example, someone could sell a doub...

Hey everyone,

Sorry for the issues with our network today- everything seems to have stabilized now.

We're kicking off our anniversary celebration with some events this weekend!

  • WonderTrade Madness- WonderTrade mysteriously restocks throughout the day with legendaries and shinies
  • Trivia will be hosted at random times throughout the weekend. Over 150 loaded questions. Answer right and get a prize!
  • Double EXP all weekend long
  • Breeding will produce an egg 2x faster
  • Egg hatching will require 2x less steps
  • Legendary spawn rates have doubled
  • Our limited time only sale items are back in the shop, this batch is available this weekend only!

Comment below your Vote Shop suggestions for a chance to win 1 of 10 random shinies.

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DeXtA211 I'd love top see a Gender change option in the Vote shop, Either directly buying a Breeder Scroll or similar to the...
TeddySmurf Maybe new crate key where you can buy it with vote points!
Hemoglobin_ I would like to see the ability to buy raffle tickets with vote points with the prize being a rank upgrade. Either you c...

Hi friends,

We're preparing for our 2 year anniversary! Harmony opened up for BETA/ALPHA on August 11th, and officially released on August 16th in 2016. On our first official day of release we smashed 75 players online and we've been a large and friendly community ever since.

We used to struggle through rollbacks on every restart, we had to have hourly restarts for a couple months, we held tournaments with signs as brackets, we had skeleton horses on the loose killing players during battles, we've had so many corrupt chunks we couldn't even count, we struggled through being one of the first servers on a BETA version of Pixelmon- everything that could have gone wrong being a new server, went wrong. We pushed through it, together.

Here we are, 29 pages of news posts and 2 years later. Stronger than ever. Smashing 178 players on a single server last month. Consistently hitting 130+ players every weekend on a single server. Over 40 members of staff, 15 admins dedicated to this community and keeping it safe for all ages. So many features to keep you entertained for months and months- with even more coming this month.

Thank you for playing and thank you for being the best community I could ever ask for. Now, let's jump into the fun stuff! This month we have a few massive new features planned and nearly ready. We're releasing one this weekend, one near the middle of the month, and one near the end of the month. Alongside these new features- we're hosting an insane amount of events and giveaways this month- so stay tuned.

We're starting off with announcing a 40% off sale this entire month, with new limited time only items being added & swapped every week until the end of the month. A whole bunch of trivia events begin this weekend!

Comment below your favorite feature, or what you would like to see added in Harmony for a chance to win 1 of 10 random shinies in a drawing.

Trypticon123 i would like to see a section based off of little lizard and tiny turtle gaming's mini event's where they used...
PippaSmith Thank you Dys and everyone ;-;!!
eaglepride15 I think what really drew me to this server is towny. I've played on towny servers for years (not exagerrating), an...

We've updated to Pixelmon Generations v2.2.1! You must update to join :) v2.2.1 fixes serveral bugs and adds new special textures. For the full changelog, view #announcements in our Discord.

You can download the Pixelmon Generations Modpack from here:

Don't want to use Technic? You can download the JAR from here.

Server Changes:

  • Fixed Form scrolls not updating the ability properly
  • Admins can now view town HQ coordinates in the event the warp is obstructed
  • Admins can now force set MOTD's of other towns
  • Fixed normal Disguises defaulting to specials if available
  • Fixed town chat
  • Added quick town chat without needing to toggle in /t chat Hi
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