Hey everyone!

We've restructured the data save format for Cosmetic Points, Battle Points, and Badges to fix up viewing offline data. We've added an automatic conversion system which will convert your current Cosmetic Points, Battle Points, and Badges to the new format, all you need to do is log in! We'll have this conversion system in the server for one month. You MUST log into the server at least once this month in order for your points and badges to save.

  • Fixed viewing badges of other online players (now we can release E4)
  • Fixed viewing offline Battle Points and Cosmetic Points
  • Fixed PokeHunts resetting at 7PM instead of 8PM EST (Daylight savings)
  • New PokeQuest: Beautifly PokeQuest
    • Catch and defeat several Beautifly to obtain the special form of Beautifly, 1 Turkey Crate Key, and a Random Shiny!
    • You can obtain Beautifly PokeQuests from PokeHunt #4

Hey everyone! Hope you enjoyed your Halloween and the freebies we gave out with the Wednesday Giveaway. Now, we're entering November which means new themed content!

  • Trick or Treat Crate is being replaced with the Thanksgiving Crate
  • Halloween Crate is being replaced with the TurKey Crate
  • Introducing the new Thanksgiving PokeQuest:
    • We need intel on some Flying Type Pokemon! The tasks will ask you to defeat or catch the following Pokemon:
      • Doduo, Pidgeotto, Butterfreee, Fearow, Noibat, Ledian, Swellow, Beautifly, Swablu, Altaria, Staraptor, Tranquill, Ducklett, Toucannon
    • Thanksgiving PokeQuest is currently only obtainable via the TurKey Crate
    • Completing the Thanksgiving PokeQuest will yield the following rewards:
      • 2 TurKey Crate Keys
      • Random Shiny
      • Shiny Substitute PokeDoll- Only obtainable via Thanksgiving PokeQuest
    • Once enough Thanksgiving PokeQuests have been completed, we'll have a new PokeQuest soon to gather futher intel
    • For the first 7 days of November, the TurKey Crate will be obtainable via PokeHunt #5
  • Added all the new castle blocks to Decoration Shopkeeper
  • Fixed Castle Block recipes
Dudex11a When exactly will the Trick or Treat and Halloween Crates expire?

We've updated to Pixelmon Generations v2.3.1! You must update to join :) v2.3.0 fixes a ton of bugs, moves/abilities, added new blocks, special skins, and items. For the full changelog, view #announcements in our Discord.

You can download the Pixelmon Generations Modpack from here:

Don't want to use Technic? You can download the JAR from here

Jovial_Skunk Can't seem to join the discord on my main to view changes...
_VanderGamer_ now modpack update thanks
_VanderGamer_ but this modpack in technic not update

Hey everyone!

The results for the Halloween Building Contest are in. As a recap, let's see what's on the line!


  • First Place:
    • $150 Coupon Code
    • 30 Premium Raid Passes
    • 30 Legendary Raid Passes
    • 5 Legendary PokeQuests
    • 5 Rare PokeQuests
    • 3 Fall Crate Keys
    • 3 Halloween Crate Keys
    • 3 Trick or Treat Crate Keys
    • 3 Breeding Crate Keys
    • 3 Battle Crate Keys
    • 3 Adventure Crate Keys
    • 3 Vote Crate Keys
    • 3 Fully Custom Pokemon of Choice
  • Second Place:
    • $75 Coupon Code
    • 14 Premium Raid Passes
    • 14 Legendary Raid Passes
    • 2 Legendary PokeQuests
    • 2 Rare PokeQuests
    • 2 Fall Crate Keys
    • 2 Halloween Crate Keys
    • 2 Trick or Treat Crate Keys
    • 2 Breeding Crate Keys
    • 2 Battle Crate Keys
    • 2 Adventure Crate Keys
    • 2 Vote Crate Keys
    • 2 Fully Custom Pokemon of Choice
  • Third Place:
    • $50 Coupon Code
    • 7 Premium Raid Passes
    • 7 Legendary Raid Passes
    • 1 Legendary PokeQuests
    • 1 Rare PokeQuests
    • 1 Fall Crate Keys
    • 1 Halloween Crate Keys
    • 1 Trick or Treat Crate Keys
    • 1 Breeding Crate Keys
    • 1 Battle Crate Keys
    • 1 Adventure Crate Keys
    • 1 Vote Crate Keys
    • 1 Fully Custom Pokemon of Choice
  • All Participants:
    • $10 Coupon Code
    • 3 Premium Raid Passes
    • 3 Legendary Raid Passes
    • 1 Legendary PokeQuest
    • 1 Crate Key of Choice

Drum roll please... Sorta. You've probably already skimmed and saw the results but hey, we tried.


Thank you to all who have participated! We'll be delivering prizes over the next few days, please discuss with your team (if you were in one) on how you'd like to divide up the prizes before contacting us for your rewards.

We have a limited time only sale going on right now, we've brought back the Battle Pack, Shiny Pack, and Breeder Pack with 30% off the entire store!

Zombrainz I figured I should mention that I haven't gotten my participation rewards yet. It was just me for the build and I&#...
eternalmagic OH MY GOD, WE WON, WHICH INDESCRIBABLE EMOTION! I would like to thank all those who supported us and congratulations to ...
Zombrainz Congratulations everyone! :d Awesome contest. I love Halloween.

Hello everyone! With the Halloween Building Contest coming to a close, we'll be announcing the winners soon, on October 15th. We have a new Jack-O-Lantern Build Contest beginning on October 15th. Please make your way to this thread to enroll and learn more details.

  • New Halloween PokeQuest
    • Rewards are Trick or Treat Crate, Random Shiny, 64 Rare Candies, and 40 Cosmetic Points
  • Fall Crate - Currently as a reward in Trick or Treat Crate, more methods soon
  • Trick or Treat Crate - Achieved by completing a Halloween PokeQuest
  • Halloween Crate - Complete the Rare PokeQuests to obtain, as well as Phunt #5
  • Fixed an exploit with Towns
  • Fixed another exploit with Towns
  • Fixed an exploit with Keys/Latch
  • Fixed some logging issues with AH
  • Nether Portals are enabled again
  • Fixed some bugs with PokeQuest
    • If you have an old scroll that is rolling back, please contact an admin to manually fix
    • Some old scrolls will continue to roll back, contact an admin to either claim your rewards (if close to finishing) or receive a new scroll (we can also issue partial completions on scrolls now)
    • If you have an impossible to complete task (ie evolve Mightyena) contact an admin to fix
  • Switched to the new spawning system
  • Suggestion Contest is over! We'll be going over suggestions over the next few days and issuing rewards as we see fit
  • Halloween Building Contest is over! We'll be going over builds and will announce the winners soon
  • 33% off sale is live with the brand new crates
Xhadomancer I am sure, Phunt 5 doesn't give Halloween Crate.
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