We've updated to Pixelmon Generations v2.3.0! You must update to join :) v2.3.0 fixes a ton of bugs, moves/abilities, and new pokemon. For the full changelog, view #announcements in our Discord.

You can download the Pixelmon Generations Modpack from here:

Don't want to use Technic? You can download the JAR from here.

Server Changes:

  • Removed Chaos gear from Adventure Crate due to popular request
    • We may bring them back in the future in limited batches
  • Fall Crate will replace Summer Crate
  • Halloween Crate will replace Book Crate
  • Trick or Treat Crate will replace Flash Crate
  • Revised Cosmetic Shop with new Halloween themed cosmetics
  • 50% off Keys until October 3rd when the new keys launch!
  • Updated a large amount of plugins thanks to Generations now running on Forge 2705
    • There may be some unexpected bugs with some of our various plugins, please report them as you find them
PandoraMoss Have the rewards for Rare PokeQuests changed? The old reward was Flash Crate keys.Will you get Trick Or Treat keys now?

Hey everyone!

We've recoded Auction House to provide a better experience for all! This thing was so messy since it was first created when Sponge's inventory API was still in very early BETA. We've also made several enhancements including the most requested feature... searching!

  • You can now search specific terms using /ah search <term>
    • You can search for a specific Pokemon such as Pikachu, /ah search Pikachu
    • You can search for specific items such as Form Scroll /ah search Form Scroll
    • You can also search for broader terms such as /ah search Scroll to pull up all scroll types
    • Another example would be /ah search Mag to bring up Magby, Magmortar, and Magmar
  • AH now uses special sprite skins correctly (about time)
  • Remade the entire UI for Pokemon listings to be more intuitive
  • Added IV percentages
  • Added a confirmation screen for Return All function in Expired listings
  • Added proper expiration time and date
  • All previous listings were cancelled, and you can retrieve them from your Expired listings
Xhadomancer +1. Please fix the legendary passes issue.
Zombrainz Love the new setup! Thanks for maintaining a really great server. Been playing on servers since 1.4.5 and I've gott...
PandoraMoss This is great and so far i am loving it. i am finally happy that i don't have to worry about returning all my pokes...

Hey friends!

We're happy to announce some fun new contests. We're bringing back the Halloween Arena Building Contest, as well as a New Feature Suggestion contest!

Halloween Arena Build Contest

  • Create a Spooky Halloween-Themed Arena for our Halloween Tournament
  • All entries must be submitted here and finished by October 8th
  • Winners will be announced by October 15th
  • The winner's arena will be used for our Halloween Tournament
  • For full details, including rewards, read here

New Feature Suggestion Contest

  • Post your suggestions of new features and content for Harmony on our forums
  • We're looking for suggestions of unique features we can create such as we did for PokeHunts, PokeQuests, PokeRaids
  • All suggestions must be submitted by October 8th
  • If we like your suggestion we'll give you a $20 Coupon Code- simple as that!
  • Please note- not all chosen suggestions will be added to Harmony
  • Please be as detailed as you can
  • Have fun!

General Changes/Fixes

  • Fixed WonderTrade not broadcasting when you receive a shiny or legend
  • Fixed Breeding tasks for PokeQuests... again
  • Added /anvil to Arceus
  • Added /jump to Arceus
  • Added /rocket to Arceus
  • Added /kittycannon to Arceus
  • Added /tppos to Arceus
  • Added /breed to Arceus with cooldowns (use /pixelextras:breed for now)
    • Please note, this will not work with PokeHunt or PokeQuests yet
    • Those activate when you click the Claim Egg button in a ranch
  • We'll likely be tinkering with some kits for all ranks soon to introduce Quests and Raid passes into some
[Owner] Dysthymic a I've heard the case for Raid passes, feel free to toss ideas up to make them more popular :) I may look into adding...
Xhadomancer Ultra_Side, you can't. Please add raid passes to bosses. Right now no one can't do the raids due to the lack o...
Delfard Technically we can only fire cats from within ourselves so Luke still has all the power.

Hey everyone!

Thanks for your feedback on our PokeQuests. We've heard your suggestions and we've made some changes- such as nerfing Legendary and Rare PokeQuests so they require much less constant grinding to complete and more so about the search.

PokeQuest Changes

  • Lowered the amounts required to catch/defeat specific Pokemon as hardcore grinding isn't very fun
    • IE defeat/catch 25 Lucario would now be defeat/catch around 7 Lucario
  • Removed the Legendary task to obtain a SPECIFIC legendary- that was just mean
    • If you have a Legendary PokeQuest with a specific legendary requirement, once all other tasks are completed- turn it into an Admin and we'll honor it as completed
  • Added a few more tasks for variety to each tier
  • Added a broadcast on Rare & Legendary PokeQuest completion
  • Removed Breeding task from Common PokeQuests as those are meant to be quick & easy
  • Increase BP & CP rewards for Common PokeQuests from 2 per to 5 per
  • PokeQuests no longer select evolve form Pokemon as Breeding tasks to avoid confusion
    • Breed tasks for evolve forms still work for all old PokeQuests- the breed event is set to read both the parents and the result of the egg for the breeding task
  • You can now make progress on other player's scrolls- however only the owner can claim the rewards
    • Popular suggestion so players can create PokeQuest completion services

WonderTrade Changes

  • We now use a new WonderTrade system- Access it with /wondertrade
  • You can select which Pokemon you wish to WonderTrade via the GUI
  • Admins can now withdraw specific Pokemon from WonderTrade if you make a mistake

Random Shiny Winners:

  • ChrisGreatest
  • CosmicSkies
  • bevo26_2011
  • UnboundOblivion
  • Xhadowmancer
  • 7x19
  • Asterlun
  • TeddySmurf
  • Sandile
  • PippaSmith
DeXtA211 Any chance that the items in the vote shop could be updated? New and interesting ways of squandering vote points? ;D
The_Kursed_One @ Harmony
Love the changes, but would like clarification on the &quot;lowered the catch/defeat requirement...&quot; is tha...
Geluw 15/10

Hello friends,

We're super excited to announce PokeQuests! PokeQuests are in the form of a book, and contain quests. You can complete these quests to obtain epic rewards. Quests will vary from PokeQuest rarity but generally have tasks such as catching X amount of a certain Pokemon, leveling up X Pokemon, defeating X Pokemon, evolving X Pokemon, etc. We've built this system to be extremely modular and expansive- no two players will have the same PokeQuests as there are millions upon millions of various outcomes for each.

  • Common PokeQuests- Simple tasks, generally have 2-3 quests
  • Uncommon PokeQuests- Fairy simple tasks, generally have 3-5 quests
  • Rare PokeQuests- Difficult tasks, generally have 6-8 quests
  • Legendary PokeQuests- Very difficult tasks, generally have 8-10 quests
  • View this example
  • After completing all tasks on a PokeQuest, you can right click with the book to receive your rewards
  • Rewards will depend purely on the tier of the PokeQuest
  • The number of quests on a PokeQuest book do not determine rewards, it's purely luck.
    • Obviously less quests is better (easier to complete)
  • You can find Common and Uncommon PokeQuests in the Vote Crate
  • You can find Rare & Legendary PokeQuests in the Adventure Crate (and new Book Crate)
  • Everyone can claim a free Common, Uncommon, and Rare PokeQuest from this week's Wednesday Giveaway
  • PokeQuests must be held somewhere in your hotbar to work
  • More methods to obtain PokeQuests will be looked into as we hear your feedback
  • PokeQuests get locked to you once you make progress on any task on each scroll
    • The Owned by: will change to your name
    • This means that nobody else can make progress or use this PokeQuest
    • You can only resell and purchase a PokeQuest Scroll that is Owned By: None
    • Again, once you make progress on a PokeQuest, nobody else can use it
    • Other players can now make progress on your Quests
    • Only the owner of a Quest can claim the rewards

PokeQuest Rewards:

Notice: These rewards are temporary and subject to change. This is a brand new feature and we'll be monitoring the difficulty of each PokeQuest and making adjustments as sees fit for each PokeQuest type reward. For the initial release, the rewards are as follows:

  • Legendary PokeQuest: 1 Adventure Crate, 1 Breeding Crate, 1 Battle Crate
  • Rare PokeQuest: 1 Flash Crate, Random Shiny, 64 Rare Candies
  • Uncommon PokeQuest: 64 Rare Candy, 20 Battle Points, 20 Cosmetic Points
  • Common PokeQuest: 16 Rare Candy, 2 Battle Points, 2 Cosmetic Points

PokeRaids Changes:

  • Premium Raid Passes are obtainable via PokeHunt #4
  • Legendary Raid Passes are obtainable via the Battle Crate
  • Both Raid Passes will be obtainable via Wednesday Giveaway's
  • We've mostly kept PokeRaid rewards the same, aside from adding some extra goodies
  • As Raid Passes economy stabilizes, we will look into potentially adding them into the Vote Shop once a solid price has been defined on them (they're over saturated at the moment with the large giveaways- value will naturally rise in a week or two for demand). We may also experiment with them in the Battle Shop
  • PokeRaids now reset on the same interval as PokeHunts
  • Removed debugging and added proper feedback messages
  • Added more Raid Bosses
  • PokeRaids no longer require you to wait a full 24 hours after completion
  • You can now sell Raid Passes in Auction House
  • Added a minimum level requirement of 100 to enter a Legendary Raid

General Changes:

  • Fixed our AH logs not logging Pokemon's nature
  • Gave a proper error message when accidentally swapping price & slot in /ah sell
  • AH feedback messages now state what the Pokemon/Item is
  • AH now states exactly what item or Pokemon was purchased from you
  • Fixed mobs being invincible
  • PokeHunt #5 Crate has changed to the Adventure Crate
  • Merged Special Crate into Flash Crate, removed 12 PokeDolls, added 3 new ones
  • Added many more specialty armors and tools to collect
  • Added a new Book Crate for Back to School
  • Added PokeQuest's to the Adventure Crate
  • Added numerous new items to the Adventure Crate
  • Added numerous new items to Breeding Crate
  • Added numerous new items to Battle Crate
  • Swapped out PokeDolls in Vote Crate
  • Added PokeQuests to Vote Crate
  • Doubled everyone's AH limits and fixed Mew & Arceus limit count spacing
  • Our 40% off sale ends September 1st, along with the Limited Time Only items

Again, thank you all for choosing Pixelmon Harmony as your Pixelmon server of choice. We've had an amazing two years... here's to more to come!

Comment below your suggestions for rewards for each tier of PokeQuests for a chance to win 1 of 10 Random Shinies.

jacky9106 i think it was so hart everything so hart XD but these quest have very nice rewards
Xhadomancer I guess rewards for the legendary quests are not balanced. In my opinion, rewards should be more buffed. First, it is ve...
Sandile Should be a little bit more cosmetic points on uncommon but shrug
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