Daily Rewards

By [Owner] Dysthymic a - Posted Mar 7, 19

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Hello everyone,

We've been pretty busy lately and we're excited to announce a huge totem worth of features for you soon! We haven't had an update in a little while, so I just wanted to let you all know we're still going strong. In the mean time, here's some small updates we just pushed in.

  • Added all remaining Z-Crystals to BP shop
  • Added Daily Rewards
    • Login each day to claim daily rewards with /dr take
    • View each day's rewards with /dr show
    • You'll be reminded each time you can claim a new daily reward
    • Cummulate daily reward streaks for better rewards
  • Added Gold Crate and Luck Crate
  • Added Luck Crate to Phunt 5 rewards
  • Updated Cosmetic Points Shop with all new cosmetics
  • Updated Rare PokeQuest to give Luck Crate as a reward
  • New 33% off sale in shop
  • Updated Trivia Rewards to add a chance for Luck and Gold crates
  • Added custom rules support to Gyms, now AC can release E4 (he better)
  • Fixed the long coordinates displaying in gym rules
  • Fixed HA scrolls not giving the appropriate HA to form-specific pokemon
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