New Crates

By [Owner] Dysthymic a - Posted Dec 2, 18

Hey friends,

We've got new crates!

  • Winter Crate has replaced Fall Crate
  • SnowflaKey has replaced TurKey Crate
  • CooKey has replaced Thanksgiving Crate
  • New crates have been added to the shop
  • 35% off sale celebrating the new crates

New Winter PokeQuest!

  • Rewards: 2 SnowflaKeys and a Random Shiny
  • Obtainable through the Winter Crate
  • Will be added to the PokeHunts as a reward as we get closer to the holidays

New PokeHunt Rewards!

  • PokeHunt #5 now gives SnowflaKey Crate and Legendary Raid Pass instead of Turkey Crate and Turkey PokeQuest
  • PokeHunt #4 now gives Rare PokeQuest instead of Beautifly PokeQuest

Old Town Purging!

  • We now have a BETA system in place that logs all inactive towns
  • A town will be marked inactive if the leader, executives, and members are ALL offline for 100 days or more
  • Inactive towns will be reviewed by admins on a case-by-case basis and will only be removed manually
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