Hey everyone!

We've restructured the data save format for Cosmetic Points, Battle Points, and Badges to fix up viewing offline data. We've added an automatic conversion system which will convert your current Cosmetic Points, Battle Points, and Badges to the new format, all you need to do is log in! We'll have this conversion system in the server for one month. You MUST log into the server at least once this month in order for your points and badges to save.

  • Fixed viewing badges of other online players (now we can release E4)
  • Fixed viewing offline Battle Points and Cosmetic Points
  • Fixed PokeHunts resetting at 7PM instead of 8PM EST (Daylight savings)
  • New PokeQuest: Beautifly PokeQuest
    • Catch and defeat several Beautifly to obtain the special form of Beautifly, 1 Turkey Crate Key, and a Random Shiny!
    • You can obtain Beautifly PokeQuests from PokeHunt #4
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