Hey everyone! Hope you enjoyed your Halloween and the freebies we gave out with the Wednesday Giveaway. Now, we're entering November which means new themed content!

  • Trick or Treat Crate is being replaced with the Thanksgiving Crate
  • Halloween Crate is being replaced with the TurKey Crate
  • Introducing the new Thanksgiving PokeQuest:
    • We need intel on some Flying Type Pokemon! The tasks will ask you to defeat or catch the following Pokemon:
      • Doduo, Pidgeotto, Butterfreee, Fearow, Noibat, Ledian, Swellow, Beautifly, Swablu, Altaria, Staraptor, Tranquill, Ducklett, Toucannon
    • Thanksgiving PokeQuest is currently only obtainable via the TurKey Crate
    • Completing the Thanksgiving PokeQuest will yield the following rewards:
      • 2 TurKey Crate Keys
      • Random Shiny
      • Shiny Substitute PokeDoll- Only obtainable via Thanksgiving PokeQuest
    • Once enough Thanksgiving PokeQuests have been completed, we'll have a new PokeQuest soon to gather futher intel
    • For the first 7 days of November, the TurKey Crate will be obtainable via PokeHunt #5
  • Added all the new castle blocks to Decoration Shopkeeper
  • Fixed Castle Block recipes
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