Pumpkin Carving Contest

By [Owner] Dysthymic a - Posted Oct 13, 18

Hello everyone! With the Halloween Building Contest coming to a close, we'll be announcing the winners soon, on October 15th. We have a new Jack-O-Lantern Build Contest beginning on October 15th. Please make your way to this thread to enroll and learn more details.

  • New Halloween PokeQuest
    • Rewards are Trick or Treat Crate, Random Shiny, 64 Rare Candies, and 40 Cosmetic Points
  • Fall Crate - Currently as a reward in Trick or Treat Crate, more methods soon
  • Trick or Treat Crate - Achieved by completing a Halloween PokeQuest
  • Halloween Crate - Complete the Rare PokeQuests to obtain, as well as Phunt #5
  • Fixed an exploit with Towns
  • Fixed another exploit with Towns
  • Fixed an exploit with Keys/Latch
  • Fixed some logging issues with AH
  • Nether Portals are enabled again
  • Fixed some bugs with PokeQuest
    • If you have an old scroll that is rolling back, please contact an admin to manually fix
    • Some old scrolls will continue to roll back, contact an admin to either claim your rewards (if close to finishing) or receive a new scroll (we can also issue partial completions on scrolls now)
    • If you have an impossible to complete task (ie evolve Mightyena) contact an admin to fix
  • Switched to the new spawning system
  • Suggestion Contest is over! We'll be going over suggestions over the next few days and issuing rewards as we see fit
  • Halloween Building Contest is over! We'll be going over builds and will announce the winners soon
  • 33% off sale is live with the brand new crates
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