Auction House Recode

By [Owner] Dysthymic a - Posted Sep 22, 18

Hey everyone!

We've recoded Auction House to provide a better experience for all! This thing was so messy since it was first created when Sponge's inventory API was still in very early BETA. We've also made several enhancements including the most requested feature... searching!

  • You can now search specific terms using /ah search <term>
    • You can search for a specific Pokemon such as Pikachu, /ah search Pikachu
    • You can search for specific items such as Form Scroll /ah search Form Scroll
    • You can also search for broader terms such as /ah search Scroll to pull up all scroll types
    • Another example would be /ah search Mag to bring up Magby, Magmortar, and Magmar
  • AH now uses special sprite skins correctly (about time)
  • Remade the entire UI for Pokemon listings to be more intuitive
  • Added IV percentages
  • Added a confirmation screen for Return All function in Expired listings
  • Added proper expiration time and date
  • All previous listings were cancelled, and you can retrieve them from your Expired listings
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