Halloween Contests

By [Owner] Dysthymic a - Posted Sep 13, 18

Hey friends!

We're happy to announce some fun new contests. We're bringing back the Halloween Arena Building Contest, as well as a New Feature Suggestion contest!

Halloween Arena Build Contest

  • Create a Spooky Halloween-Themed Arena for our Halloween Tournament
  • All entries must be submitted here and finished by October 8th
  • Winners will be announced by October 15th
  • The winner's arena will be used for our Halloween Tournament
  • For full details, including rewards, read here

New Feature Suggestion Contest

  • Post your suggestions of new features and content for Harmony on our forums
  • We're looking for suggestions of unique features we can create such as we did for PokeHunts, PokeQuests, PokeRaids
  • All suggestions must be submitted by October 8th
  • If we like your suggestion we'll give you a $20 Coupon Code- simple as that!
  • Please note- not all chosen suggestions will be added to Harmony
  • Please be as detailed as you can
  • Have fun!

General Changes/Fixes

  • Fixed WonderTrade not broadcasting when you receive a shiny or legend
  • Fixed Breeding tasks for PokeQuests... again
  • Added /anvil to Arceus
  • Added /jump to Arceus
  • Added /rocket to Arceus
  • Added /kittycannon to Arceus
  • Added /tppos to Arceus
  • Added /breed to Arceus with cooldowns (use /pixelextras:breed for now)
    • Please note, this will not work with PokeHunt or PokeQuests yet
    • Those activate when you click the Claim Egg button in a ranch
  • We'll likely be tinkering with some kits for all ranks soon to introduce Quests and Raid passes into some
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