Hey everyone!

Thanks for your feedback on our PokeQuests. We've heard your suggestions and we've made some changes- such as nerfing Legendary and Rare PokeQuests so they require much less constant grinding to complete and more so about the search.

PokeQuest Changes

  • Lowered the amounts required to catch/defeat specific Pokemon as hardcore grinding isn't very fun
    • IE defeat/catch 25 Lucario would now be defeat/catch around 7 Lucario
  • Removed the Legendary task to obtain a SPECIFIC legendary- that was just mean
    • If you have a Legendary PokeQuest with a specific legendary requirement, once all other tasks are completed- turn it into an Admin and we'll honor it as completed
  • Added a few more tasks for variety to each tier
  • Added a broadcast on Rare & Legendary PokeQuest completion
  • Removed Breeding task from Common PokeQuests as those are meant to be quick & easy
  • Increase BP & CP rewards for Common PokeQuests from 2 per to 5 per
  • PokeQuests no longer select evolve form Pokemon as Breeding tasks to avoid confusion
    • Breed tasks for evolve forms still work for all old PokeQuests- the breed event is set to read both the parents and the result of the egg for the breeding task
  • You can now make progress on other player's scrolls- however only the owner can claim the rewards
    • Popular suggestion so players can create PokeQuest completion services

WonderTrade Changes

  • We now use a new WonderTrade system- Access it with /wondertrade
  • You can select which Pokemon you wish to WonderTrade via the GUI
  • Admins can now withdraw specific Pokemon from WonderTrade if you make a mistake

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