PokeRaids Part 2

By [Owner] Dysthymic a - Posted Aug 22, 18

Hi everyone,

Thank you everyone who stuck with us during our weird hiccups with Raids. They'd work with 90% of players one day, then were completely broken, then fixed again, etc this whole week. This Wednesday Giveaway we're giving away 7 Premium Raid Passes and 7 Legendary Raid Passes for the troubles so you can properly enjoy Raids. We're polishing up the rewards and methods to obtain Raid Passes, so rewards may vary from day to day. We'll announce everything when it's set in stone on the next update post... which we're excited to share.

PokeRaids Banned Moves:

  • Endeavor
  • Counter
  • Destiny Bond
  • Mirror Coat
  • Nature's Madness
  • Pain Split
  • Perish Song

We've also modified a few other things behind the scenes:

  • We've added cancel buttons to Hidden Power, Form, and Reverse HA Scrolls which will reimburse your scroll if you don't use it
  • We've added a new Scroll type: PokeScroll- which we may or may not release to the public. It allows us to transform a Pokemon into a scroll, which can be used to transform back into a Pokemon. Perfect for handling lost Pokemon tickets for offline users.
  • Fixed town merging
  • Added Birthdays to the event page

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Previous-Previous Random Shiny Winners(Forgot on last post):

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