Introducing... PokeRaids

By [Owner] Dysthymic a - Posted Aug 15, 18

Hi friends,

We're excited to announce... PokeRaids! What's a PokeRaid??? PokeRaids are a new daily challenge, very similar to PokeHunt, however it involves battling a daily boss. If you can defeat it, you'll earn some epic rewards.

Here's the breakdown:

  • There are 3 Raid boss categories. You can challenge each category once per day.
  • Daily Raid - Everybody can challenge. The raid boss will be level 150
  • Premium Raid - Requires a Premium Raid Pass. The raid boss will be level 200
  • Legendary Raid - Requires a Legendary Raid Pass and 2 players. The raid boss will be level 250
  • You can type /raids to view the list of raids and click one to challenge it. Raids change every day!
  • Some moves are banned such as SheerCold- subject to change
  • Raid rewards will be changed several times over the next few days to find a proper balance
  • This weeks Wednesday Giveaway contains 7 Premium Raid Passes and 2 Legendary Raid Passes
  • Please be aware- this is in BETA as it undergoes mass testing, some features are subject to change

What's a Raid Pass?
Raid passes are required for the higher level of raids which drop better rewards. We added in a required pass to balance the economy. You'll be able to grab Raid passes from the Vote Shop, as well as in our weekly Wednesday Giveaway. While you can purchase Raid Passes from other players in-game, please do note that you can still only challenge each category once per day.

How does the Legendary Raid work with requiring 2 players?
When you wish to challenge the Legendary Raid, an announcement will post in chat. Other players will have 1 minute to challenge the Legendary Raid to join your party and you two will battle alongside. If another player fails to join within a minute, your raid will be cancelled and you can try again later

Pixelmon Harmony is now 2 years old, August 16th is our 2 year anniversary. Thank you for the wild ride and we look forward to another 2 years!

Comment below your suggestions for each Raid Category reward (Daily, Premium, Legendary) to win 1 of 10 random shinies

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