Hey everyone,

Sorry for the issues with our network today- everything seems to have stabilized now.

We're kicking off our anniversary celebration with some events this weekend!

  • WonderTrade Madness- WonderTrade mysteriously restocks throughout the day with legendaries and shinies
  • Trivia will be hosted at random times throughout the weekend. Over 150 loaded questions. Answer right and get a prize!
  • Double EXP all weekend long
  • Breeding will produce an egg 2x faster
  • Egg hatching will require 2x less steps
  • Legendary spawn rates have doubled
  • Our limited time only sale items are back in the shop, this batch is available this weekend only!

Comment below your Vote Shop suggestions for a chance to win 1 of 10 random shinies.

Previous Random Shiny Winners:

  • Purpl3Titan
  • ShinyRin
  • SardoFlaviano
  • ajcataldo15
  • Jif_Daddy
  • lazyghost8467
  • eaglepride15
  • PippaSmith
  • Trypticon123
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