2 Year Anniversary

By [Owner] Dysthymic a - Posted Jul 31, 18

Hi friends,

We're preparing for our 2 year anniversary! Harmony opened up for BETA/ALPHA on August 11th, and officially released on August 16th in 2016. On our first official day of release we smashed 75 players online and we've been a large and friendly community ever since.

We used to struggle through rollbacks on every restart, we had to have hourly restarts for a couple months, we held tournaments with signs as brackets, we had skeleton horses on the loose killing players during battles, we've had so many corrupt chunks we couldn't even count, we struggled through being one of the first servers on a BETA version of Pixelmon- everything that could have gone wrong being a new server, went wrong. We pushed through it, together.

Here we are, 29 pages of news posts and 2 years later. Stronger than ever. Smashing 178 players on a single server last month. Consistently hitting 130+ players every weekend on a single server. Over 40 members of staff, 15 admins dedicated to this community and keeping it safe for all ages. So many features to keep you entertained for months and months- with even more coming this month.

Thank you for playing and thank you for being the best community I could ever ask for. Now, let's jump into the fun stuff! This month we have a few massive new features planned and nearly ready. We're releasing one this weekend, one near the middle of the month, and one near the end of the month. Alongside these new features- we're hosting an insane amount of events and giveaways this month- so stay tuned.

We're starting off with announcing a 40% off sale this entire month, with new limited time only items being added & swapped every week until the end of the month. A whole bunch of trivia events begin this weekend!

Comment below your favorite feature, or what you would like to see added in Harmony for a chance to win 1 of 10 random shinies in a drawing.

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