Hey friends!

We're excited to announce our new PvP Arena where you can PvP to your hearts content! PvP is purely optional and is ONLY enabled in the PvP Arena. We look forward to providing some fun PvP related events in the future, as well as PvE events.

  • PvP Arena has released! You can enter the PvP Arena with /warp PvPArena
  • PvP is ONLY enabled in this arena. Don't worry, you won't be attacked randomly in the wild, at home, spawn, or anywhere for that matter. It is only enabled in the one PvP arena that is purely optional to enter.
  • KeepInventory is still on in the PvP Arena- however tools & armor will still be damaged as normal
  • Please ensure god mode is off before entering the PvP Arena
  • Please ensure your /speed setting is set to 2 before entering the PvP Arena
  • All combat shall be handled in a friendly manner. Raging will result in your access to PvP arena to be revoked. We're a family friendly server. You don't lose anything if you die, don't get salty!
  • Our Cosmetic Shop has been revamped! All new disguises are available! Check it out with /cosmetics
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