Kit Revamp & New Rank

By [Owner] Dysthymic ao
Dysthymic @ Harmony
- Posted Jul 4, 18

Hey everyone!

We've revamped all of our kits as well as added a new global daily kit for everyone.

  • Added a new Mew Rank for an intermediate rank between Legendary & Arceus
  • Added Cosmetic PointsBattle Points to the shop
  • Added a VIP recurring subscription for behind the scenes access
  • Added a new daily kit for everyone to use /kit daily
  • Revamped every donor kit, they are now weekly kits
  • The ever popular Flash Crate has returned! Now, revamped with 45 possible rewards
  • Fireworks Crate has been added
  • Everyone can claim a free Fireworks Crate in the Vote Shop
  • Everyone can claim free fireworks in the Vote Shop with the Wednesday Giveaway
  • We have a 40% off sale celebrating all our changes and the holidays! Ends July 6th.
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