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By [Owner] Dysthymic a - Posted May 27, 18

Hey everyone!

We've heard your feedback about receiving disguises, hats, sashes, particles in crates are a pain if you receive the reward twice- ruining the value of the crate for you. No more! You now will receive Cosmetic Points and can use those points to purchase what you want.

Cosmetic Shop:

  • New Cosmetic Shop with Cosmetic Points
  • Earn Cosmetic Points from Crates
  • Spend cosmetic points to purchase sashes, hats, particles, and disguises
  • Fixes the annoying issue with winning the same disguises twice in a crate
  • Access the cosmetic shop with /cosmetics
  • You can also purchase Cosmetic Points with in-game cash
  • All disguises are seasonal and will be swapped out occasionally


  • No longer will select Pokemon with null abilities
  • Fixed a dupe with eggs

New Crates:

  • Summer Crate
  • Tropical Crate
  • Fathers Crate
  • If you have a Mothers Crate, Flower Crate, or Spring Crate Key- contact an admin to redeem
  • 33% off sale with Tropical Crate bonus until June 1st


  • Fixed ClearLag removing 1.12 items such as Shulker Chests that were dropped
  • Removed the Rewards: amount from crate previews as it wasn't accurate
  • Added a cooldown to /weather to prevent abuse
  • Fixed /pay not informing who you paid they received money
  • Added a log system to BattlePoint Shop
  • Added Milk buckets to Food Shopkeeper
  • PokeDolls have been swapped out in Vote Crate
  • PokeHunt #5 has been updated to give a Battle Crate key
  • Added /staffonline to view all the staff currently on
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