Hi friends,

Chest Backpacks and Scrolls Revamp are done! Hope you all enjoy.


Chest Backpacks:

  • Chest Backpacks are back and better than ever!
  • You can now name a chest with /namechest Name of Chest
  • Alias for naming chests: /nc Name of Chest
  • Support for custom colors in chest name /nc &cFire TMs
    • Use /info colors for a full list of color codes
  • Empty chests that were formerly backpack chests can be stacked now
  • Fixed Pixelmon items displaying as pixelmon:item_name in lore


  • Added Reverse Hidden Ability Scroll
    • Don't want a Hidden Ability anymore? Use a Reverse HA Scroll to select which normal ability you wish to change to
  • Added Form Scroll
    • Changes forms on Pokemon like Shaymin, Deoxys, and more without needing their specific item
  • Level Scrolls now give a De-Level Scroll when used
  • Fixed grammar on most scrolls
  • Level scroll now only works a Pokemon with a minimum level of 100
  • Fail messages are now red
  • Success messages are now green

More Fixes:

  • Auction House held item field now displays held items correctly
  • Fixed a grammar issue with PokeDisguise
  • Expanded /rtp radius
  • Fixed /info town
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