PokeParticles & Battle Points Revamp

By [Owner] Dysthymic ao
Dysthymic @ Harmony
- Posted May 1, 18

Hey everyone!

We've finished up our PokeParticles and Battle Points revamp. We've also released two new crates and several other changes/fixes. We have lots more revamps still underway! Enjoy!


  • /pokeparticles now uses a GUI so you no longer have to guess effect names
  • You can select what Pokemon you'd like to apply to effects to on the first screen
  • You can then apply/remove effects from your Pokemon

Battle Points

  • Your current points now displays on the top of the Battle Points GUI
  • Added paging support, we can now sell an unlimited amount of items instead of 54
  • Got rid of the weird symbol in the item lore
  • Items are now nice and clean with proper formatting and colors
  • Items now display in alphabetical order
  • Got rid of /battlepoints shop
  • New command is just /battlepoints
  • /bp is an alias as well
  • Removing battle points command for admins broke, so we can do that again wooo
  • /battlepoints no longer spits a huge text and errors
  • Buying items now actually works
  • Added Rare Candy
  • Added Super Rod
  • Added Master Ball
  • Added Beast Ball
  • Added Burn Drive, Shock drive, Douse Drive, Chill Drive
  • Added Soul Dew
  • Added Red Chain


  • Shulker Boxes are exempt
  • All Evo Stone & Diamond based items are exempt
  • PokeDolls are exempt
  • TMs are exempt
  • PokeBalls are exempt
  • Evo Stones are exempt
  • Orbs are exempt
  • Fossils are exempt
  • Mega Stones are exempt

Colored Text

  • Arceus users can now use /textcolor to bring up a GUI
  • You can then select a color without having to guess color names

New Crates

  • Mothers Crate
  • Flower Crate
  • April Fools crate is discontinued. If you still have a key, contact an admin to use
  • Easter crate is discontinued. If you still have a key, contact an admin to use

Other Fixes

  • Added /info colours for our UK friends
  • You can now teleport into caves by popular request with /rtp
  • Fixed some grammatical errors in Auction House feedback texts
  • Uxie, Mesprit, Azelf now display number of enchants in Auction House
  • Fixed scroll text formatting in Breeding & Battle Crate
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