Cosmetic Revamp

By [Owner] Dysthymic ao
Dysthymic @ Harmony
- Posted Apr 25, 18

Hey friends!

We've revamped our PokeDisguise, PokeSash, and PokeHats plugins, see below for all the new changes!


  • /pokedisguise will now pop open a GUI to select from your available disguises- no more guessing what disguises you have! Disguises shown are what you have access to
  • You can search for a Disguise with /pokedisguise PokemonName
  • Shiny & Form support have been added! We'll have some new crates with these available soon
  • Normal Disguises will appear as a gold name
  • Shiny Disguises will appear as a green name
  • Form Disguises will appear as a blue name
  • You can now swap between disguises without needing to undisguise first
  • You can now remove disguises by clicking the first button on /pokedisguise (the barrier block)
    • /pokedisguise clear still works


  • Revamped the GUI to use a consistant block type for colors (thanks 1.12 for the Color Update)
  • Color coded the names of Sashes, no longer plain white text
  • Added a remove sash button


  • Color coded the names of Hats, no longer plain white text
  • Added a remove hat button

Website Changes

  • Added a fancy Footer to the bottom of the page with helpful links
  • Made the Discord module match our site theme
  • Website is now mobile friendly and content isn't cut off (finally)
  • Added links to our Facebook,Twitter, and Discord on the Footer
  • All admins will have access to post to our Facebook & Twitter starting tomorrow
  • Follow us for updates on Facebook & Twitter!

Misc Changes

  • Invisible bug is now fixed...
  • Updated crates system for more performance improvements
  • Fixes Occurance chance displaying a value way too low when previewing crates
  • Fixed the out of place purple lore on scrolls in crate preview for our OCD friends
  • Evo Stone items/armor are now exempt from Clear Lag
  • You can now place up to 32 Apricorn trees per chunk
  • Vote Shop sale is live! 20% off Vote Shop with a bonus Rare Candy
  • New Shop sale is live! 30% off sale with a bonus Spring Crate until the end of the month

Reward Swaps

  • Introducing Reward Swaps for a larger variety of winnings
  • Vote Crates have swapped the current 4 PokeDolls to new PokeDolls
  • PokeHunts now give Breeder Crates
  • Shop bonus crate is now Spring Crate
  • We're swapping out rewards every so often to give everyone a chance at winning what they want
  • We'll be expanding this on the next reward swap to swap out even more!
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