Hey everyone!

We now have a Public EV Training Room! Stay tuned for our plugin revamps starting this week!

  • To access this, /warp PublicEVTraining
  • Each Pokemon will give 1 EV Yield in Public EV Training
  • Ranked players still have access to /warp EVTraining with 3 EV Yields

More Fixes

  • PokeLoots are now fixed! You can now claim Loots once more
  • Remade Hub to be 1.12.2 compatible and vastly reduce the insane lag hub had
  • Optimized the Bungee Network to reduce those pesky timeouts (Timeout issue is Minecraft 1.12.2's fault)
  • Our log blocking system can now log chest actions... We're watching you, griefers!
  • Disabled the annoying trading broadcast
  • Concrete Powder added to Shopkeepers (clay)
  • Glazed Terracotta added to Shopkeepers (clay)
  • All Pokemon have been added to "Choose a Pokemon" in shop and are now up to date
  • Fixed Chisels not working
  • Fixed Beacon activation range
  • Generated the entire 20k x 20k world for a massive performance boost
  • Added numerous performance optimizations
  • Donors now appear with gold names on TAB list
  • Admins are red on TAB list
  • Mods & MiniMods are light blue on TAB list
  • Helpers are light gray on TAB list
  • Arceus rank text color command is now /textcolor once again
  • /help is fixed- oops
  • Added a bunch of different payment options via PaymentWall for various countries
  • We have nerfed the Harmony Pickaxe and Harmony Multitool Fortune for economy stability
  • Gem prices in Shopkeepers have doubled
  • Max sell price in AH has increased from a 10 million cap to 30 million cap to adjust for the new inflated prices for those really rare pokemon
    • Remember: It's much easier to make money now, prices in AH will eventually catch up to inflation
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