You can download the Pixelmon Generations Modpack from here:

Don't want to use Technic? You can download the JAR from here:

Server Changes/Fixes:

  • Battle Points Shop is fixed
  • Added Concrete blocks to Clay Shopkeeper
  • Added Shulker Chests to Worldly Shopkeeper
  • Added Jaw & Sail fossils to Fossil Shopkeeper
  • Temporarily patched an exploit- PokeLoots will be enabled again soon!
  • Fixed fall damage
  • Arceus Ranks: /textcolor has been renamed to /coloredtext (we'll add an alias for /textcolor soon)
  • Adventure Crate is fixed
  • Breeder Scrolls are fixed
  • Fixed an exploit with Scrolls
  • Fixed a bug with Random Legendary rewards in crates not being so random
  • /type fixed
  • Applied several performance fixes
  • Automatic daily restarts are back (was disabled to monitor stability)
  • Introducing... Revamps!
    • For all of April, we are revamping every custom plugin to be more future-proof and "modern"
    • Examples will include giving scrolls a proper texture, reducing annoying broadcasts and chat feedback to reduce chat clutter, adding search features to Auction House, clickable buttons in /t info, fixing all reported bugs and many more!
    • We need your suggestions now more than ever! Please drop your suggestions on how we can improve your favorite features
    • We'll be starting as soon as we gather several suggestions for you all! We're expecting to have update posts nearly every other day here with new features and revamps for you once we begin!
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