Minecraft 1.12 Update

By [Owner] Dysthymic a - Posted Apr 3, 18

Pixelmon Harmony on  Minecraft 1.12 here!

First off, thank you to each and every one of you for joining us along on our journey. We're excited for new journeys ahead! We've made some massive changes... Let's talk about that!

  • Harmony (the old Minecraft 1.10 version) is being renamed to Harmony Legacy and will remain on 1.10
  • We have created a BRAND NEW Harmony running on Minecraft 1.12. This is the new main version where new features and updates will occur.
  • New Crates
  • New Economy
  • Generations 2.0.0

But why a new server?

We need a fresh start. We haven't had a new map since we first opened in 2016! We can't bring ourselves to just delete all the amazing creations you have all created on our 1.10 version. This is why we're keeping the Legacy version which will remain on 1.10 and you can access this any time via our Hub. We expect to have Harmony Legacy open for a couple of months. You can use Schematica to save your builds and recreate them on our new 1.12 Harmony.

Going forward we will be focusing on new content on our new 1.12 version(and now the main version) of Pixelmon Harmony. We encourage you all to join us on this new adventure. With our 1.10 server remaining open, you could even save your builds as a Schematica file and rebuild them with ease on the 1.12 server! The new world border is currently set to 10kx10k. We will be expanding this to 20kx20k in the coming week.

Cool, so I can access the old world and my builds at any time. What about my Pokemon?
This is a full reset. All Pokemon are being wiped as well. You can still play with your old cuddly pals on our Legacy server- however we strongly encourage you to meet new Poke Friends on our brand new 1.12 server! This is a new opportunity to start fresh and have a load of fun once more! Our previous economy was so broken! We look forward to future adventures with you all, as well as packing a ton of new features for you!

I have a rank! Does that get transferred too?
Yes! All ranks from both Harmony(Legacy) and Chaos have been transferred to the new Harmony.

I recently purchased some Pokemon & PokeEdits from the store. Do those transfer?
We have resent all purchases in the last full year and you will receive all purchased Pokemon, rank bonuses, and so on. If you purchased PokeEdits in the last 4 months, we have generated coupon codes which can be viewed by clicking here. If you have PokeEdit purchases older than 4 months, please create a support ticket and we will discuss things from there.

We have a brand new spawn!
We've hired the best of the best- a build team who creates maps for Microsoft, has created our spawn. We hope you enjoy! We'll be filling in NPC Gyms in the new spawn throughout the week, so stay tuned!

You said new crates? Yup, we have 7 new crates.
We now have 4 permanent crates and 3 seasonal crates. The Vote Crate has been completely remade (it's been the same for nearly a year!). Breeding Crate contains valuable breeding items. Adventure Crate contains sweet items to help you on your new adventure. And the Battle Crate contains everything related to battles. These crates will be available in the store soon, tourney rewards, and PokeHunt rewards. These new crates are a bit less OP, as we aim to be more fair and less damaging on the economy. We have 3 new season crates as well, these crates will expire 1 week after the said season has ended and will be swapped in with a new replacement. Starting off we have Easter, April Fools, and Spring!

New Economy... No more boring PayDay Grinds!
We've done extensive research on common methods to gain money, and found PayDay was the only effective way to get money. For example, in a 10 minute mining session with Fortune 3 pickaxe, we achieved a weak $15k. In the same 10 minute grind with Fossil Farming, we got $44k. With PayDay, we averaged about 150k. That's insane! We've raised all sell prices on ores, fossils, and items. You now obtain the same amount of money farming fossils and mining as if you were to PayDay so you can enjoy making money without the same continuous grind over and over. We look forward to introducing a job mechanic in the following month to add additional money making methods for an even larger variety so you can play for fun and make the same amount of money as if you were tirelessly grinding before. Yes, PayDay is still enabled.

Notice on some missing plugins!

Scrolls, Chest Backpacks, PokeHats, PokeSash, PokeDisguise, PokeParticles are currently disabled. We will have these back within the next 24-48 hours. We had them done, but found some exploits last minute with the GUI's and chests duping. Oops! 

Upgrading your Clients to 1.12:
Please note, if you use the Minecraft Launcher, update any additional mods you may have such as OptiFine to 1.12. Don't forget to update Forge!
If you use Technic, simple install the 2.0.0 version that pops up.

Download Pixelmon Generations 2.0.0 for Minecraft 1.12.2 here:

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