Chaos Merger

By [Owner] Dysthymic a - Posted Mar 5, 18

Hello friends,

I am here announcing today that Chaos is now being merged into Harmony. We see this necessary as we refocus our entire team on one project to better the gameplay experience for all. Rather than have our team split in half, we can now all work together on one goal and grow the community as a whole once again. While it saddens us all to close Chaos' doors, we feel this to be the best for all as we restructure in preperation to deliver the best server on 1.12. 

Chaos players will be able to transfer all Pokemon and items to Harmony.

We have developed a basic PokeBank system for you all to grab your items and Pokemon and transfer them to Harmony. To do this, please grab all of your items you wish to transfer (chest backpacks are supported) into your inventory on Chaos. Then, simple type /upload. All of your inventory, party, and PC contents will then be uploaded to Harmony and removed from Chaos. Then, simply join Harmony and type /download with an EMPTY INVENTORY. All Pokemon and inventory contents will now be spat out into Harmony. It's that simple! Keep in mind, you can only /upload and /download once. If you made a mistake, please create a support ticket and we can fix you up! Don't forget about your Ender Chest and chests at your homes! The Chaos server will remain open until March 11th, please convert your pokemon and items before March 11th.

PC Boxes have been increased to 64 boxes on Harmony.

What about my rank on Chaos?

For those with ranks on Chaos, we have transferred all of them over already. If you had a rank on Harmony also, they will be combined- example would be if you have Premium on Harmony and Premium on Chaos ($10 each), they will be combined for Elite($20) on Harmony. There are a small percentage of you who have Arceus or Legendary on both, inwhich case we have created a coupon code 75% of the value of Arceus ($225) as you will be able to transfer your legendary bonuses over, and the full value of Legendary- these codes can be found below. If we could not merge your ranks, IE you had Legendary on one server and Premium on the other for an example, we have created a coupon code for you. If your name is on this list, you can use your name as a coupon code to receive a specified amount specific for you. These codes are specific to these usernames, which means nobody else can use them.

What about staff?

Most staff from Chaos will be transferred over to Harmony. This will be dependent on your previous activity on Chaos. We have likely already spoken to most staff about this merger, you can contact Luke for more information if you missed our memo.

Notice on Coupon Codes:

All coupon codes will now be set to expire after 60 days. This is to clear up a lot of clutter on our backend, we have hundreds of unused codes which makes it very hard to sort through coupon and shop issues. This includes codes for tournaments and top voters from now on.

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