We've updated to Pixelmon Generations v1.4.1! You must update to join :) v1.4.1 fixes numerous pesky bugs with Pokemon not spawning, adds in some new Pokemon, and a new Valentine game mechanic. For the full changelog, view #announcements in our Discord.

You can download the Pixelmon Generations Modpack from here:

Don't want to use Technic? You can download the JAR from here:

Valentines Events:

  • We've added the Valentines Day sidemod!
  • Upon logging in, everyone will be greeted by a pun
  • You will have heart particles around your player. (You can disable with /ToggleVEffect)
  • You can gift a CandyGram to any one player with /CandyGram <player>
  • Luvdisc, Roserade, Smoochum, Delcatty, Skitty, and Sylveon have a 10% chance to spawn as a Valentine Form with Heart particles
  • You can catch these rare Valentine forms ONLY in February!
  • For the entire day we have activated the following buffs:
    • 2X Egg Hatching Speed
    • 2X Breeding Speed
    • 2X Mega Spawn Rate
    • 2X Legendary Spawn Rate
    • 2X Shiny Spawn Rate
    • 2X Pokemon Spawn Rate
    • 2X EXP Gains
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