The Town Revamp

By [Owner] Dysthymic a - Posted Feb 2, 18

It's finally here. We've all been waiting for it. The Town Revamp. There have been numerous complications with this town system which has prevented us from moving forward- seemingly impossible to fix at every angle, however, all is now resolved. I'm excited to announce that we finally have a proper town system.

  • We've released a new sale to kick of February with some new crates!
  • We have successfully converted 212,400 claims to our new data storage for claims
  • Server no longer takes 15 minutes to boot up, reboots normally now
  • Balance on town name change gets stuck
  • SafeZone Claiming didn't work
  • Claims Dupes
  • Item Frame contents & Armor Stand contents could be stolen
  • Inability to access your claims on rare occasions
  • Berry Exploits fixed
  • Statues could be placed/edited in other towns
  • Mods can access other town claims properly again
  • Fixed setting offline players as leaders and executives
  • Fixed being unable to get rid of offline executives and members
  • New town members no longer need to wait a few minutes to access town features
  • Ghosted claims are no longer an issue
  • We take pride in allowing unlimited claims and unlimited homes, we hope you continue to enjoy!
  • PokeHunts have been updated with new crates

Our developers have begun updating all of our content to 1.12.2 and we're excited to be one of the first Pixelmon Generation servers on 1.12.2. We take pride in most of our content being 100% custom made. This has been a difficult journey and we look forward to continuing to create amazing content for you with all of the new content 1.11 and 1.12 has added to bring to you in more unique features coming soon.

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