New Years

By [Owner] Dysthymic a - Posted Dec 27, 17

Hey friends! What a great Holiday season we had. Thank you for making Harmony the best! I'm looking forward to an amazing 2018 with all of you. 

We're excited to release two new crates just in time for the New Years

  • New Years Crate
    • New decoration heads, with some Poke Particles, Sashes, plus a chance to win an EX-Tool Crate Key
    • PokeHunt #4 has been updated to give New Years Crates
  • EX-Tools Crate
    • Next generation tools are now available! 
    • Tools full of X enchantments making mining, farming, and gathering much easier
    • Armors full of X enchantments taking your adventures to the next level
    • Shop sale has been updated to give bonus EX-Tool Crate Keys

Now, let's address the white elephant in the room. Many of you have heard the rumors that Pixelmon Mod is back. This is true. They are back and have released a 1.12 version of Pixelmon. We will not be updating to this version.

Fear not, Generations nearly has a 1.12 version available and we will definitely be upgrading to that very soon. There will NOT be a map wipe as we have conversions prepared and ready to convert the map and player files to 1.12 formats. Our developers have begun porting all of our custom plugins to 1.12 as well. I should have more word on this update within 1-2 weeks for you all. We'll definitely have one exciting 2018 with you all :D

We should be seeing a massive 1.10.2 update of Pixelmon Generations which fixes a huge amount of bugs, making the mod much more enjoyable for you all. With our decision to stick with Pixelmon Generations I would like to mention we have established many friendships outside of our server. The Generations mod is built for the players and community. They listen to suggestions, we have meetings with other server owners fairly frequently to determine which direction the Generations mod should take next. Generations is truly a mod built for the amazing community we have. Thank you for your awesome support and I look forward to sharing an amazing 2018 with all of you :)

Also- side note. The new "Official Pixelmon" has removed all Gen 7 Pokemon, another reason it would be ideal for us to stick with Generations. As always, if you have any questions, feel free to drop them below and I will answer them all!

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