Mo' Fixes & Enhancements

By [Owner] Dysthymic a - Posted Nov 30, 17

Hello everybody! As promised, we've patched up all known bugs within our custom plugins this month to provide a much more enjoyable experience for you all. We're now prepping some awesome events to release closer to the holidays, as well as finishing up our custom town system. Cheers to an awesome December full of fun events coming soon!

New Key System:

  • /keys commands remain the same
  • We have converted all old locks to the new system
  • Fixed an exploit related to chests
  • You can now set different types of locks:
    • Private Lock: The current standard 
    • Public Lock: Anyone can access, just applies breaking protection
    • Password Lock: Only players with the password can access
    • Donation Lock: Anybody can deposit, only lock owners can withdraw

New Crates:

  • CooKey: A sweet treat full of epic goods
  • Solstice: Contains high end loot and some near battle-ready Pokemon
  • SlowflaKey: Contains some chillingly rare prizes
  • Festive: Gear up for the holidays with new Disguises plus sashes and hats
  • New Crates will be obtainable starting December 1st


  • Elite 4 challengers now properly lose their E4 Badges if they lose an E4 challenge
  • Elite 4 should now be fully functional once more. Enjoy!



  • Fixed a couple exploits- Thank you community for reporting
  • All Tournaments for the month of December have been posted
  • All Wednesday Giveaways for the month of December have been posted
  • Top Voter Rewards will be checked on December 1st & rewards will be sent in the following days
  • ClearLag is back and no longer wipes dropped chests from the ground
    • Due to our custom chest backpack plugin, chests originally could not properly be added to the whitelist system due to all the custom NBT tags
  • Crate Keys are now stackable once again (only new keys from now onwards)

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