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Banned: Minecraft_Devil & Tomerell

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Hello Minecraft_Devil. You have been banned for 3 days for account boosting, using alt account Tomerell (which is permanently and globally banned). Using an alt account just to sell a Wednesday Giveaway isn't allowed, especially when the money is immediately sent to the main account. Evidence will be provided if requested. You may appeal your ban here.

Also just wanted to mention: the 2 million is being left on Minecraft_Devil since I chose to keep the nature change effect on Articuno.
Posted Feb 9, 19 · OP · Last edited Feb 9, 19 by IAmDoot
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Hey there this is Minecraft_devil, I was recently banned by IamDoot for using an alt to sell a Wednesday giveaway. I was hoping to talk to someone about the ban because if you need proof that it is my friends account we can get into a discord and talk or whatever we can figure out will work best to prove it. He gave me the money, yes, but he was helping me out and in return i gave him pokemon of his choosing from what I had and in general were going to help each other out. I hope u will try and understand and give us a chance to prove it. If not, I understand where u can be coming from and I am sorry it happened to look that way. Have a good day.

P.s. Thank you for letting me keep the money but I am not to worried about the money. I would just like to gain your guy's trust back.

Also my friend gave me the idea that I could just give the 2 mill back to him if that helps the situation.
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