In case you missed the discord announcement we are squaring off against the PokeNinjas network for the rank of top battler!

Hello Pixelmon Generations lovers!
We are grateful to announce our first tourney against another Pixelmon Generations Server, We have been planning this for long time now and here it is!
As you can imagine this tourney will take place in Pokemon Showdown so no one has any disadvantage to others and no matter if you're new or old on whichever server, you can participate!

Sunday 24 February 2019 at 11:00 AM (EST)

# The tournament will be "Ubers", this means you can select any pokemon that you want except for some restrictions

# You may only select "Canon Pokemon" not "Pokestars, Hackmons,etc"

# Mega Rayquaza is banned

# Species Clause, Sleep Clause & Evasion Clause are both enabled, sorry Arceus lovers

# You can create the teams you want

# You may not spectate any of the games (If you lose already its fine) but we dont want you to tell other participants the strategies/teams of other players, if we catch you doing this you will be disqualified from our future tourneys

# Players have up to 30 minutes before the tourney starts (10:30am on February 24), If the form is not submitted before the time it starts, you wont be placed in the brackets.

# Have fun and be respectful to other players!, If we see negative behaviour from your part you get disqualified

- Have joined at least one time to any of the 2 servers

- Be on our PokeShowdowns Discord (

- Knowledge of how to use Showdown

- Be on time and have your form submitted at least 30 mins before the tourney starts

- Have registered in the form that is below:


Prizes: Overall Prizes
- 1 Place
- $75 Voucher for the server you play
- 5 Keys from player choice
- 1 Special pokemon from choice
- 1 HiddenAbility Scroll
- 16m Pokedollars in Pokeninjas
- 24m Pokedollars in Harmony

- 2 Place
- $50 Voucher for the server you play
- 3 Key from player choice
- 1 Shiny legendary from choice
- 1 PokeEdit,
- 2 Shiny tokens/scrolls
- 8m Pokedollars in Pokeninjas
- 12m Pokedollars in Harmony

- 3 Place
- $20 Voucher for the server you play
- 1 Key from player choice
- 1 non legendary pokemon from choice
- 1 Shiny token/scroll
- 4m Pokedollars in Pokeninjas
- 6m Pokedollars in Harmony

1st Place: 15$ + 2 Crate Keys of Choice + $1,000,000 in-game money
2nd Place: 10$ + 1 Crate Keys of Choice + $500,000 in-game money
3rd Place: 1 Crate Key of Choice + $150,000 in-game money

Lets not pull any punches when beating them! I hope to see you there!