This tournament will consist of 6v6 battles using Fire and Fairy type Pokemon. Dual/Hybrid typing is allowed.
Celebrate Valentines in this hot & fiery tournament!

There will be two tournaments. They will begin on February 10th.
The first will begin at 1:00 February 10th.
The second will begin at 016:00 February 10th.
These times will be based off of the official server time. You can view what time it is by using the new /telltime command.

6 Pokemon Each
Level Cap: 100
Held items are allowed
No potions or cures
No Uber Tier Legendaries are allowed
All Pokemon MUST be Fire Type/Fairy Type
Species Clause Enabled

First Place- $20 Shop Credit + Semi Final Reward + 2 Crate keys of choice
Second Place- $10 Shop Credit + Semi Final Reward + 1 Crate key of choice
Semi Finalists- 2 Crate keys of choice

If you have any questions about this, please comment below and we will be glad to help.

To enter, simply be online when the tournament begins.