Hello Everyone!
There will be a Spleef Event on Friday, January 18th 2019!

How Spleef Works?
So what is spleef? Basically, spleef is a mini-game where your goal is to stay alive. Sounds simple, what's the catch?

You are placed into a multi-story building where the floor is made of snow. Each participant is armed with an Effeciency V, ThunderStone shovel with which they will need to attempt to mine the snow blocks from under their opponents legs. At the very bottom there is a pit of lava that you will fall into the moment you run out of snow layers below you. It will be a Bo3!

Cool! How do I join?
All you need to do to join is to simply be online when the event is hapenning! The exact time of the event is 16:00 Server Time (use /telltime to figure out when that is for you), on Friday, January 18th.

There will be multiple discord announcements before the event so you are aware of the event just in case you manage to forget.

So this sounds fun and all... But what do I gain?
First Place: 3 Crate Keys of Choice, Pokedoll of Choice, 1 Random Legendary, 1 Shiny of Choice, 1 million PokeCoins.
Second Place: Battle Crate, Winter Crate, Random Pokedoll, 1 Shiny of Choice, 100k PokeCoins.
Third Place: 3 Vote Crates, Random Shiny, 50k PokeCoins.

Get ready for the fun,
Enjoy :)