This tournament will consist of Pokemon only found in the Overused Category and below of smogon's tiering system.

There will be two tournaments. They will begin on January 20th.
The first will begin at 01:00 January 20th.
The second will begin at 16:00 January 20th.
These times will be based off of the official server time. You can view what time it is by using the /telltime command.

6 Pokemon Each
Level Cap: 100
Held items are allowed
No potions or cures
OU Pokemon Only
Species Clause Enabled

First Place - $10 Shop Credit + Semi Final Reward + 2 Crate Keys of choice
Second Place - $5 Shop Credit + Semi Final Reward + 1 Crate Key of choice
Semi Finalists - 1 Crate Key of choice

If you have any questions about this, please comment below and we will be glad to help.

To enter, simply be online when the tournament begins.