This will just be a small event where one person (me or another admin if they want to be) will be a seeker and have to hunt down pokedisguised people in a certain playing area.

There will be two rounds of Hide n Seek on December 16th
one will be at 1:00 server time
the other will be at 16:00 server time
you can check the time using the /telltime command

No Flying as a seeker or a hider (those caught don't join the seeker, only ever one seeker)
No selling out other players (if they have a great spot and it gets ruined by another player it would be quite unfair)
people can disguise as whatever poke they want, though most would prefer Caterpie since it is already quite a small poke and easy to blend in
No glitching into unfindable spots so that the event doesn't last forever
No leaving the playable zone, it will be a disqualification if you're caught going outside the play area
When you're found... you're found, no redos unless its for an extremely good reason

First Place: 10$ Store Coupon + Semi Final reward + 2 Crate Keys of Choice
Second Place: 5$ Store Coupon + Semi Final reward + 1 Crate Key of Choice
Semi Finalists: 1 Crate Key of choice

To enter, be online at least 30 mins before the start so that I have a list of players that need to be found.