The Monolithe ? What ?
We're several players. We have searched a long time for a server we would like, and this one looks like it.

How does the team work ?
We have a Council, composed of theoretically 5 players. We're 4 Counselors at the time I'm writing this.
And we're 9 in our official discord. You should also know we are a French team, even if we are going to speak English here with you...But be patient with some of us, that now regret of not learning English in school !
Anyway ! The Council takes decision that the rest of the faction has to follow. We have some rules but we need to adapt them to Pixelmon.

The members ?
First of all I can't say if everyone is going to play here, but here's the list anyway !

Me. 21yo (May 1997). The leader of the Council. Speaks English.

High Counselor. 20yo (November 1997). Speaks English.

Nyatogido / CTM
High Counselor. 21yo (April 1997). A patriotic French. One of those that doesn't speak English, but plays anyway.

Counselor. The dumb but friendly one. 19yo (September 1999). Speaks a bit of English. He's a big but harmless troll.

Kayori Crow
Mountain Killer. 22yo (December 1996). Speaks English.

Freya Daeralda
Weaselwoman. 20yo (December 1997). Speaks a bit of English.

The recruit. 16yo. Doesn't have MC yet. Speaks a bit of English.

Well now you know who you might see !
If you have any question, please don't keep them for yourselves I'll be happy to answer.