So it has already been six months since the launch of our new Harmony server on Minecraft 1.12.2!

The transition for our community has been very smooth, and everyone has continued to support the server in its newest form. Thank you so much for the generous support that allows us to introduce new features and improve old ones!

We have striven to ensure that returning players, who have previously supported our community with donations on the old servers, understood how grateful we are for their support in the past. While ranks transferred automatically to our new Harmony server, and we also made sure to offer fair compensation for other types of recent purchases. A large number of our community players requested compensation via this system successfully and have enjoyed the benefits on our new server.

Also on release of our new server, coupons and vouchers were given a new expiration period of 60 days. This was done mainly to help clean up and organize the shop by reducing the amount of extremely old and unused items. Our initial release of coupons for compensation have now expired and no longer exist. So anyone returning with a message in their inbox about one of these coupons will no longer be able to access those codes.

Effective 1st of October 2018, we will no longer issue new coupons or vouchers as compensation for purchases made on the previous Harmony or Chaos servers. Also previously purchased items on the old Harmony and Chaos servers will no longer be reissued for use on the new Harmony server. Of course, all old rank permissions will still carry over to our new Harmony server as they have done since launch.

To our community, we would like to say thank you so much for all that you have done to help sustain our server, both in the past and going forward.