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Quality of life changes + Voting revamp

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This is a few suggestions grouped into one thread so please bear with me.

QoL changes
- Add the rewards for each tier of Pokequest in /info pokequests as hover text like /raids and /pokequests has. As of this moment I don't believe there's a way to see accurate rewards as we don't have a way of knowing if they've been modified from the original Pokequests post.

- Let players cancel auctions from the main auction page. When a player views their own auction on the main /ah page, it says "Right click to cancel" despite only being able to cancel auctions from the "Items You're Selling" page which tends to cause confusion among new players.

Voting changes
Make voting more worthwhile. The top voter rewards for each month are fantastic but aren't well known about by any means and lose all incentive if you can't constantly vote due to real life or whatnot. For instance, adjust the voting crate. I'm not saying add legendary pokemon into it, but items like Carbos and random gems have very minimum utility to the average player. Some possibilities could include...
- Money (5k, 10k, etc. Nothing too absurd but every player has a use for money)
- Random shiny pokemon (At a probably lower than average chance)
- The player's own head (Purely cosmetic)
- Extra vote point(s)
- Cosmetic points
Additionally, add more incentive to voting by rewarding players for voting milestones. For instance, every 100-150 votes (Every 15 - 22 days, assuming a player votes constantly on all 7 links) the player could either get a random key or a key for a special voting crate.
- Alternatively, set up a system along the lines of...
- 25 votes: Random pokemon
- 50 votes: Random shiny
- 125 votes: Random scroll
- 200 votes: Random key
Rinse and repeat; this system could either be restarted at the end of each month or it could be attached to the player and would reset individually for each player after they voted 200 times.
This system would provide an incentive to vote for everybody through a gradually increasing reward system instead of the current system which is more of an all or nothing as only a select few dedicated players will get the desirable rewards such as keys and coupons.
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I agree, sometimes I don't even feel like voting, and when I do feel like voting its not for the trash rewards in the vote crate, but for the vote points on the fourms so I can save up for a shiny convertor. Which is the only thing I look forward too when voting, also it takes me 12 days just to get 1 shiny convertor by voting on all 7 links.
Posted Oct 1, 18
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