With Elytra as a vote crate reward, they're quite common to find. I myself have far too many elytra that I don't use, and elytra don't stack either. With no fall damage, there's no particularly evident reason to have or use elytra, except to have fun, use fireworks to cover long distances, or perhaps to navigate the Nether/End easier. Mostly things a flying pokemon mount could do equally well, if not better.

There's various means to deal with this issue. The simplest would be to swap out elytra in the vote crate for raid passes, quests, or the like, and to instead make elytra a purchasable item in a shop. Alternatively, you could add toggleable particle effects to elytra to make them a more interesting aesthetic choice. Although, with enough players this may cause a lag issue, I.E. during drop parties. Lastly, you could design elytra courses or map(s) designed for elytra use where players may use their elytra to explore the interesting geography of the map, go through rings, and maybe find secretly placed pokeloots or something for further incentive.