I've been thinking a lot about a cool new safari zone for pixel harmony, not just an area where random wild pokemon of a certain variety spawn but something that has a weekly/monthly theme or challenge. possibly a rare or not entirely easily obtainable pokemon is the desired target or an add on could be like with phunts to be lucky enough to catch a pokemon with a certain nature or iv possibly even shiny. events/challenges could be week long or month long depending on the difficulty of the target and rewards could vary, catch this pokemon get x amount of rare candies. catch the same pokemon but with a certain nature or ability get some other sort of goodies and highest prize being to catch the specified pokemon shiny or with a certain iv max or a certain percentage of total iv's. I'm sure most people would agree one of the most fun parts about pokemon was the safari zone, I know I was always excited to get to that point in the franchise (if it was part of the game) and I have always loved seeing something similar in other pokemon renditions such as pixelmon servers.