Vote crate:
- 2 Battlepoints
- 4 Ultra Ball
- 5 Dusk Ball
- Leftovers
- Life Orb
- Golden Hourglass
- Max Potion
- Venusaur PokeDoll
- Treecko PokeDoll
- Cyndaquil PokeDoll
- Mudkip PokeDoll

1 Nether Star
12 Blocks of Iron
6 Blocks of Gold
6 Emerald Ore
3 Diamond Ore
Held Item Crate Key
Random 8 Pokeballs (similar to vote purchase)
Random Berries
Random Evolution Stone
PokeDoll Crate Key

Held item and PokeDoll crate are self explanatory.

Why these changes? I believe that we should be able to get all the regular poke balls without having to have apricorn trees. It used to be this way before the server change and should be like this again. PokeDolls should be a different crate and giving players a chance to get all held items by voting is a welcome change as well.