I have two suggestions to propose for now.
First of all I apologize in advance for my English, however, returning to the suggestions, here they are:

- A contest regarding minecraft skins.
What I mean: every week (or two weeks or once a month), you select a theme (chosen by you or maybe there are various options that are proposed on discord or forum and the one with the most votes wins) and players can pertecipare changing your own skin and inserting a skin related to that theme.
First we remove the non-themed and the "ugly" ones, then the winners will be chosen.
The jury will be composed of at least one admin, and the rest can be high admin / mod but will have the opportunity to vote even the other players (even those that will be deleted immediately)

- Guess the Pokémon.
As before this event can be there every week (or two weeks or once a month).
In practice, an admin must try to build a Pokémon via a pixel art, and participants will have to send a /msg to another (reliable) player that can be offered to receive an avalanche of msg of pokemon names, the first one to guess the pokemon for 3 times wins the first prize, the second who guesses the pokemon 3 times wins the second prize etc. ..

Prizes for both events can be keys / money / legendary / coupon.
I believe that both events will have to have two dedicated arena.

One last thing: it would be nice if we could re-propose the labyrinth event (that made the 25 june https://www.pixelmonharmony.com/forum/m/39642050/viewthread/32024432-labyrinth-event)

You who are reading this post, what do you think? which event would you like to add among those I proposed?