Hey there Harmony trainers. I am proud to announce that The Elusive Beauty Contest is well under way. The Elusive Beauty will be held sometime today (No exact time) If you would like to qualify as contestant, please message me (xFurret) or Gabbity if we are online.


All server rules apply to The Elusive Contest, so please be sure you abide them.

All contestants must have a maximum of 4 pokemon in their party to compete.

Contestants can only have 1 legendary/mythical in their party. Primals and Rayquaza are BANNED.

Do NOT leave during the contest if you are competing. (WARNING: You will be disqualified)

Contest Rounds:

There are 3 rounds.

1. Showcasing

2. Double Battles

3. Single Battles

Mega evolutions are ALLOWED for all 3 rounds

Special rounds will also be hosted but points will not be received during this round.


All contestants will receive points for each round.
Contestants with the most points will receive their prize at the end of the contest, so please be sure to stay for all 3 rounds in order to receive your prize if you have won.


Prizes are rewarded to the contestant with the most points.

Money, random shiny, or a special item from a crate.

Contest Themes:

There are 4 contest themes





If you have any questions, please message me in game or my discord @xFurret#9043. <3