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Hello players of Pixelmon Harmony. Today I am announcing a build contest that I will be hosting. The theme is a storage system of some kind. It can be underground, a building, etc. I have started to realize I need a storage system for myself as I am constantly running out of space in chests I am placing around my numerous claims. It is getting disorganized, and to the point where I can't find things.
What is the reward you ask? 2.5 million in game dollars. If I find it to be amazing, you may get a bonus :).
You can build as a team, but only one person will receive the rewards. You must decide amongst yourselves how you will divide up the prize money if you are to win.
-NO REDSTONE, redstone has a tendency to break at random points and I am not very skilled with it. I don't want to have to get in contact with the person when it breaks, or have someone fix it. No hoppers either.
-Must be a fairly large build (hence why it the prize is 5million). What I consider large is something like 50x50 (doesn't have to be exactly that). Or enough so I can a.) Add more chests if necessary. b.) so it doesn't feel so cluttered.
-Must have an organization system by materials... so quartz, stone bricks, cobblestone, rare candies, mega stones etc. (I would like to see sections for most materials or so I can make them myself)
-Each organization section must have AT LEAST 3 double chests.
How you will be judged:
I am the sole judge for this event, since the winning build will be used by me. You will be judged on creativity, originality, design, detail, and practicality.

The timeframe of this build contest is August 7-31. You can submit early if you want. In order to submit you must teleport me to your build. If our timezones conflict in some way, or you are never able to catch me you can message me on discord with your submission. If you are to do it this way I expect many screenshots showing most if not all of your build.

There will also be only first place, any runner ups will be rewarded with the fact they got a spectacular storage system now🙂. Just a heads up as well there can be a possibility of no winner if I do not find one I would personally like to use.
If anyone has any questions feel free to ask me on the server or on this post.

And yes I totally did steal this idea off of Snaxy with their base contest. :)

Edits: Changed clause where there can be a no winner of the contest due to my desire to now want to use the chestroom. Lowered prize money, from the contestants I have seen so far 5million dollars is too much. I still kept the bonus :)
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I am in <3
Posted Aug 7, 18
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This is not possible.
Posted Aug 7, 18
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