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What might be appropriate wording?

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Hey everyone,

So to my understanding we are not allowed to advertise something as "Gambling" this means using words along those lines to try and sell something in-game. Without giving too much details away about this idea I have for trying to make money on the server I wanted to know what might be acceptable terms to use as advertisement in a forum post/ in-game. At first I was thinking maybe "Raffle"? but that sounded too close of a word to use. So maybe something like "Lucky Dip"? or "Randomized (product_name) Try Your Luck!"

I would very much appreciate some feedback from the staff on this matter and maybe even some play-on words or even word suggestions in general from the players of the server!

Side_note: If any of the staff would like to contact me through a personal message on the forum or Discord server that would be great if you are looking for more details to better help me! (Faith on Discord).

Thanks everyone!
Happy Gaming!
Posted Jun 13, 18 · OP
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Hi there, Holyknives. Gambling is something that has been debated for a long time, and the simple answer is "No."Gambling is something not appropriately PG-13 regardless of how vague the form is stated(with some objections). Anyone that'd like gambling will probably obviously state forms of "vague gambling" that already exist here. These are the types of "vague." that no ordinary person without an extremely keen eye would consider as gambling. Moral of the story; gambling will not be tolerated in any form. There is a plethora of ways to earn money already on the server, and looking at the economy's state right now, there is no way gambling will make it any better either.
This might seem rather unusual. but I'm locking this thread. Apologies in advance, but this is a case that is not very comfortable to discuss, especially looking at previous incidents.

Posted Jun 13, 18
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