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Team Rocket: Some information about us.

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Hello Harmony! I am happy to be the leader of such a gifted bunch of people who have really helped me develop and build this town from the ground up. Nearing almost 100 members we are still willing to invite even more people even though we have switched bases due to the amount of players. That still didn't stop us from building a happy hardworking town that strives to help each other and create the most impressive and massive community in all of harmony. We are also building a village so all members can use it to improve their Pokémon teams as well as their houses and builds in their plot boundaries. The plots are free for everyone and we will be coming out with optional breeding plots very soon. Also the plots are 4 chunks in total area and provide an organized building area for each member. We also have warps to every biome so you can camp and hunt for all Pokémon. One of our executives, LunarNike, works his hardest to make platforms on the biomes and gets them claimed for your use. These can be found with the command /t warps. There are other warps that can get you to places faster, here's a short list:

-/t warp arena
-/t warp storage
-/t warp oldhq
-/t warp pokecenter
-/t warp (biome)

Also, the warps must have their capital letters shown in ./t warps or they will not teleport you. We also have our own discord to communicate and ask questions. It can be found in our ./t info, and yes, you have to manually type it or pm me to get it. Our discord server is very important for the growth of our town, because it is where our ranks are located and where we keep track of jobs. You rank up from doing one of the many jobs that are posted, and if you need something done pm me at Block_72 #1128 and ill put your request up to be completed. Ranking up to a minimum of B is how you get executive, starting at E. to get to D, you must do 2 jobs, for C you do 5 jobs, for B you must do 5 jobs and a hard ranked job, which counts as 2 jobs done, and for A you must do 15 jobs. I am so thankful to be the owner of such a brilliant hard working community and I hope you will join us to make the town and the server a better place.
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Nice recruitment thread block :)
Posted May 13, 18
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