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How to replace voice acted pokemon with genuine pokemon cries

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Over the past couple days, I've been putting together a resource pack that was originally intended for personal use. It replaces all pokemon's voice acting with sounds from the actual games, as well as a couple other generic sounds, like heal tables, pcs, pokeloot and throwing balls. I've had people ask about it, and it seems to be quite popular, so I figured I'd share it, if that's okay. I did ask on the server and on the discord first!

Download the .rar here

Being just a couple resource packs, all you need to do is apply them like one. I assume most of you know how to do that, I did include a readme file, but in case you're new, it's really quite simple...

Download the .rar file, linked above.
In Minecraft, click video settings. In there you'll find resource packs.
At the bottom of this menu, click "Open resource pack folder."
Drag and drop the Pixelmon Sound Overhaul file into this folder.
Optionally, also drop the Sun/Moon Flavour there too, to get more modern sounds.
You can close the folder now. You may need to also close and re-open the resource packs page.
It should appear and be on the left. You'll need to click the arrow on it to move it to the right.
Once it's on the right, click done.

And there you have it, you're playing a more "classic" experience! It is possible that I may have missed a couple pokemon, there were a lot! If you hear any voice acting, feel free to let me know, and I can fix it!
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Great pack! Thanks for uploading it for everyone to use!
Posted Apr 10, 18
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