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Pokehunting 101 - Hunting tips from a top-tier predator!

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Hey everyone, In this guide I will be trying to cover all aspects of the pokehunt, I’m doing this because, despite all the information we try to provide on the server, I see a lot of questions on this topic, while most of them can easily be answered. So, let’s begin shall we?

What is pokehunt?
Pokehunt, phunt for short, is a daily quest the server provides. You get rewarded when you complete the pokehunt and those rewards can be great! In the pokehunt, you need to obtain specific pokemon with, depending on the pokehunt level, specific natures and/or abilities.

How to see the current pokehunts?
To see what pokehunts currently are active, simply type /pokehunt list, /pokehunts, /phunt list or /phunts. These commands will show you a message that can look like this:
--- Currently active hunts ---
1. (Daily) Flareon [details] [rewards]
2. (Daily) Xatu [details] [rewards]
3. (Daily) Gliscor [details] [rewards]
4. (Daily) Drilbur [details] [rewards]
5. (Daily) Litleo [details] [rewards]
To see the details of the pokehunt, hover with your mouse over the details, this will show you any specific nature and/or abilities the pokemon needs to have. If you hover your mouse over the rewards, you can see the rewards upon completion of the pokehunt.

How do I complete a pokehunt?
Completing a pokehunt can be done via numerous ways: by catching the pokemon, breeding the pokemon or evolving the pokemon. Breeding the pokemon is, especially in the higher pokehunt tiers, your main way of getting an unevolved pokemon or the pre-evolution of the pokemon. While evolving the pokemon, obtained by breeding or catching a pre-evolved form of the pokemon, is of course needed if you have the pre-evolution of the pokemon you need for the pokehunt.
Important! Buying a pokemon or trading a pokemon that fits the bill for a pokehunt does not count, you need to either breed with this pokemon to obtain one yourself or evolve this pokemon if the one you got is the pre-evolution of the pokemon wanted in the pokehunt.

The different pokehunts:
All pokehunt tiers have their own setup, so let’s discuss them one by one:

Pokehunt 1:
Details: none
Rewards: 8 ultra balls, 2 rare candies, 1000 coins

This pokehunt is the easiest to complete, but also yields the lowest rewards. Most pokemon get caught within 8 ultra balls so this quest usually is worth the rewards, giving you a few free ultra balls to catch something later, 2 candies to get the last levels on that good pokemon you have and a bit of money as an added bonus. Depending on the pokemon that is hunted for, this quest is usually worth your time: usually it only takes a few minutes and gives you some nice freebies. Just evolve its pre-evolution or go look for it in the wild and catch the pokemon, easy completion! If the pokemon can’t be easily acquired, or has a low catch rate, like the beldum line or some baby pokemon, this quest is not worth it, as you most likely will waste more resources as you get from the pokehunt.

Pokehunt 2:
Details: specific nature
Rewards: 4 rare candies, 1 battle point, 2500 coins

This pokehunt starts getting harder, getting a specific nature on a pokemon without breeding is a 1/18 chance, thus making it less worthwhile to go look for the pokemon in the wild (unless it’s extremely common). Some use specific nature dittos to breed with a pokemon from the same species but with the wrong nature, making it a passive process. However, this quest in general is less worthwhile as the rewards may not be worth the trouble of breeding or looking for multiple pokemon. However, since even the smallest rewards can add up and if you can complete this hunt, be sure to go for it when you have some spare time.

Pokehunt 3:
Details: specific nature and ability (a non-hidden ability)
Rewards: 8 rare candies, 4 battle points, 5000 coins

This pokehunt, accompanied with pokehunt 5, is most likely the hardest one to complete. Finding the right pokemon in the wild is really difficult, thus, most people tend to breed for this pokehunt. The rewards however can certainly be worth it, especially the battle points. But completing this one may prove to be difficult. I suggest that you try to complete this pokehunt if you either have the pokemon already, just with the wrong nature and/or ability and have a ditto (or other male pokemon from the same egg group if the pokehunt pokemon you have is female) free to breed (as breeding is almost necessary to complete this pokehunt), or you really want to get as many battle points as you can get per day.

Pokehunt 4:
Details: specific ability (the hidden ability)
Rewards: 16 rare candies, 1 crate key (crates change from time to time), 10000 coins

Getting a pokemon with a hidden ability is a 1/150 chance when catching a pokemon. Some people try their luck by catching wild pokemon, but most people breed for it, as parents with a hidden ability have a high chance of passing down their ability to the offspring (80% chance when the parent is female, and a 60% chance when breeding with a male parent and a ditto).
After completing pokehunt 4, some people continue breeding with these pokemon to make more hidden ability pokemon for said pokehunt; because of this, you can usually find some in /ah and this is your main way of acquiring these pokemon. The rewards for this quest are worth the trouble and even if you are desperate for money, try to complete this quest, since you can also sell your key for some easy money. Turkey keys (the pokehunt 4 reward keys when writing this guide) usually go for at least 150k in ah, while the pokemon needed for this pokehunt are way cheaper to buy. Also, the candies sell for quite a bit and you get 10k immediately.

Pokehunt 5:
Details: specific nature and ability (the hidden ability)
Rewards: 32 rare candies, 1 crate key (crates change from time to time), 25000 coins, target pokemon becomes shiny

This is where things become interesting! Pokehunt 5 is no joke and that is shown by the rewards you get for it. Not only does the pokemon need to have the hidden ability, it also needs to have a specific nature. Once again, your main way of acquiring these pokemon is buying them in /ah, as catching them in the wild is a 1/150 * 1/18 chance… Completing this hunt however is certainly worth the trouble: you get a lot of candies and a valuable key (the crates from pokehunt 5 are, in general, better than the crates from pokehunt 4). Once again, I suggest that you try to complete this quest, even when you’re low on money. This hunt can certainly be hard, but it is surely worth it. And who doesn’t like a shiny pokemon?

A tip for people having trouble acquiring the right pokemon:
These tips usually are for people that do not have enough money to complete the 4th and 5th pokehunt: try to find someone who sells pokemon for these pokehunts on /ah and message them, try to make a trade for the pokemon needed (usually offering them the candies you get for phunt 5 is enough). This will make it more worthwhile for them to help you complete the pokehunt.

This is the end of my guide, I hope that I fully covered all aspects of pokehunt in this guide. If you have questions however or I have missed a topic you’d like to see covered, be sure to react here or message me on the server.
Happy hunting!
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Very well done Grote! Good Guide!
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Nice guide Grote! This will definitely help out a lot players!
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