Our Auctions system is a custom plugin designed for simplicity! There are only 3 commands you need to know. Everything else is handled by a easy to use GUI.

/ah - Opens up the Auction system to browse, buy, cancel, and redeem your items & Pokemon
/ah sell <price> - Sells the item in your hand for that amount
/ah sell <price> <slot> - Sells the Pokemon in your party slot for that amount

Once you open up Auctions with /ah you will notice a chest style inventory screen. The very bottom row is your navigation screen. Everything else is what's for sale that you can buy!

The trade machine on the far left is what you are selling. You can click this icon to view all that you are selling. If you wish to cancel an item or Pokemon, simply click on it. This will then go to your cancelled section.

The barrier block that represents a crossed circle, to the right of the trade machine, is your cancelled items/pokemon. If you click this icon you will be shown items and Pokemon that you have cancelled- nobody can buy these. You can simply click on each one and they will return to your inventory (or party or PC if it is a Pokemon).