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Important GLOBAL Tournament Guidelines

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We must continue being a friendly community even when we have competitive battles. These battles are for fun- to learn and to grow! To continue fair game play, all participants must follow the new guidelines:

1. Secret Power is a banned move from all tournament battles due to advantages at personal arenas.
2. All Semi Finals and Finals must be fought at the official Arena found at /warp stadium.
3. Potions, Cures, & Elixirs are banned from all tournaments.
4. Using Potions of Invisibility is not allowed during tournaments.
5. All participants must congratulate each other after battle.
6. Players caught being unsportsmanlike will be banned from participating in the next tournament as well as a potential temporary ban from the server.
7. If you accidentally disconnect during a tournament, there are 2 approaches we can take: If there were no active boosts during the battle, simply resume. However, if there were boosts then you must restart the match.
8. Species Clause: You can only have ONE of the same Pokemon on your team. This means you can only have 1 Darkrai for example.
9. No switching moves or pokes during a tourney, you are locked in with a team and the movesets your team has, as people would be able to use the same poke but use completely different sets which would be unfair to a player who might have just finished their battle compared to someone who has just watched the first persons battle, same issue with pokes, you could see someone's team ahead of time and then change your team to counter that person accordingly, this rule is partially lifted in Anything Goes, where a max of 2 pokemon throughout the tourney can be swapped. There are some exceptions like wrong sets on pokes and then during the battle (if there are no active setups) you may end and get the right set. But if you use it to scout a players team, you will be banned from the tourney and further penalties may apply.
10. No illegal movesets allowed if you've managed to get a move on a Pokemon that is not normally obtained
11. No Pokesee. This is for other players who do not have arceus perms as Arceus players would be given an overwhelming advantage if they pokesee someone's team.
12. Best of 3 Finals: Making sure that RNG doesn't solely contribute to wins from tourneys
13. Best results matter: If you enter the first tourney and come second you won't receive a coupon unless you are not entering the second tourney, however if you come first in the second tourney then you'll be given the first place prize

What if my opponent is offline?
We will wait a minimum of 5 minutes so they can join, if they are not online by the time all other battles in the current round has been finished, they will be disqualified and you will advance to the next round.

I won or lost my battle but the bracket hasn't updated, what do I do?
Simply type in chat that you won or lost and we will update the bracket once we see your message.

How do I find out my opponent?
We post a link to a tournament bracket once everybody has been accounted for. You can click on the link via our news post on website or in game broadcasts to view the bracket. The bracket is LIVE so whenever someone advances, you'll see it in real time.

How do I join a tournament?

Simply be online before the start time and say you wish to be part of the tournament when we do a roll call. There is a broadcast that generally happens 30 minutes, 20, 15, 10, and 5 minutes before the start time so you can let us know if you are participating. We will add you to the bracket once you type in chat that you are participating. It is best to announce that you are participating in several roll calls just to be sure that you are accounted for.

Can I participate in both timezone tournaments?
When we run tournaments, we run the same tournament twice in the same day to expand across multiple timezones so everybody can participate. You can participate in both times if you wish. However- you can not win first place in both. If you win the first tournament timezone, you will not be able to participate in the second scheduled timezone- this is to promote game fairness and allow more players to win and gain the PokeMaster Challenge for winning a tournament.

The Difference between Babying and Tutoring
What is babying? A high end player will use another player to get them through to the finals/win a tourney that they have placed first in, which was a case where 1 player constantly had another player battle others using player 1's pokes, and whilst being "tutored" at the same time yet when the two faced off player 2 would always forfeit without battling, if you are caught at any stage doing this you will be disqualified from the current tourney and harsh penalties may apply (eg extra tourney bans).

What is tutoring? Tutoring is mentoring someone to make the right plays over time, so can give people pointers on their plays to help them learn and reflect as well as hone their own unique battle style, which isn't banned but in fact is strongly supported.
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Rules have been updated as they were miles behind, if you have any more questions, feel free to pm me and I'll respond to them.
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