We use a custom plugin for our towns!

Below are the following commands and what they do:
All /town commands can also be ran as /t <subcommand>

/town - Main command of plugin, it will return the version installed.
/town join <town name> - Attempts to join the specified town if you have an invite
/town sethq - Sets your Town's Headquarters.
/town hq - Teleports to your Town's HQ (if set)
/town invite | /invite <player> - Invites player to your town.
/town kick <player> - Kicks this player from your town.
/town leave - Leaves your town.
/town claim - Claims the chunk you are in.
/town disband - Disbands your town if you are the leader of it.
/town info <town name> - Displays info about town.
/town list - Lists all towns.
/town create <town name> - Adds new town.
/town setleader <player> <town name> - Sets leader of specified town.
/town addexecutive <player> - Adds player as an executive of your town.
/town removeexecutive <player> - Removes specified player from exec rank.
/town unclaim - Unclaims the chunk you are standing in.
/town unclaimall - Unclaims all chunks claimed by this town.
/town help - town help command
/town deposit <amount> - Deposits amount into your town bank.
/town withdraw <amount> - Withdraws amount from town bank.
/town map - Shows a text map to see your claims, as well as claims nearby.
/town chat - Toggles chatting only to the people in your town.
/town rename <name> - Renames your town to specified name.
/town player <player> - View info about a player - what town they're in, etc.
/town setwarp <warpname> - Sets a Warp for your town members to use
/town warp <warpname> - Warps you to the town warp
/town warps - Displays all warps in your town
/town delwarp <warpname> - Deletes the town warp

You can always view some quick commands in-game by typing /info town