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By Xeqro 2 hours ago
Check here for information about some cool events we're hosting!
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By [Helper] Asterlun o 6 hours ago
Learn about our server and its various awesome features
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By Sandile
Sandile @ Harmony
Thu at 12:30 am
Pixelmon Harmony
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Introduce yourself!
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By [Helper] nimeifu 21 hours ago
Have any awesome new feature ideas? Let us know!
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By PoisonInsect 12 hours ago
Want to run your own Giveaway, tournament, or any other event? Start it here!
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By Sandile
Sandile @ Harmony
Aug 12, 18
Discussion about Gym Leaders. Scheduling battles and choosing Gym Leaders will take place here.
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By [Mod] gamewizlaker o
gamewizlaker @ Harmony
1 hour ago
Advertise your breeding business or hire a breeder to get your next perfect Pokemon!
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By DoraeHorse 7 hours ago
Have a rare Pokemon to trade? Post them and find a buyer!
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By Geluw 11 hours ago
Found a bug? Report it here! Please include steps on how you found the bug as well so we can reproduce it.
Appeal a ban!
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By [Helper] Asterlun o 8 hours ago
Recruit players to your awesome towns!
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By avura o Aug 12, 18
Help us grow by making videos on our server, while promoting your channels!
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By KiwiTiger Jul 3, 18
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Chat about anything!
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By Sandile
Sandile @ Harmony
Thu at 12:33 am
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Apply for helper to become part of our friendly staff team!
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